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Date: 7th October 2016

e-tape | A Sticky Tale blog post

Tape is something we all use in our lives at some point. Whether it be wrapping Christmas Presents or fixing a broken toy there are many different types of tape to choose from. Packaging, insulating and duct tape are just 3 popular types of tape. The packaging tape we sell here at Kwikpac is different from any other standard packaging tape on the market.

Our e-tape range improves not only on price and efficiency, but it lasts over 2 times longer than a standard tape role. A standard roll of packaging tape measures in at just more than half a football pitch, being 66m long. Our e-tape not only doubles this length but can stretch one and half football pitches covering 150m! We've accomplished this small innovation by simply reducing the core size of the roll. However, this does not effect e-tapes use in dispensers, as we also sell e-tape own brand tape dispenser, which is not only silent but can fit any of our e-tape range.

Available in buff, clear, white, custom printed, stock pre-printed and a range of colours.


  Time Saving                               

Unique 150m length roll reduces roll changes and down time.

  Space Saving

127% more tape on the same size roll.

  Enironmentally Friendly

56% reduction in waste (based on using standard 66m rolls).

  Premium Quality

Tape available in 4 grades, ensures an extra strong grip.

  Specially Designed

To provide maximum user benefits and exceptional value. 

  Free Dispensers

With your first order.

  Well balanced

...and lightweight - a natural first choice.

  High Performance

Reliable industrial packaging tape for every requirement.



 The original high strength easy tear product compliments the e-tape™ range quality. Slow release and silent unwind, 32 micron vinyl tape with solvent adhesive. Resistant to humidity and temperature change and is best for long term storage items. Use with the standard e-tape™ dispenser.


Low Noise Tape logo


Silky smooth silent unwind, ideal for busy and confined packing areas where noise can be a problem. Slow release and silent unwind, 28 micron polypropylene tape with acrylic adhesive. Use with the standard e-tape™ dispenser.


number 2 e-tape logo


Premium quality, high performance 25 micron polypropylene tape with solvent adhesive. Performs well in deep freeze conditions. Quick release and easily applied with the silent e-tape™ dispenser.



e-tape plus logos

Outstanding value high tack 25 micron tape with all the system benefits. Designed for everyday use and to keep environmental impact to a minimum. Quick release and easy to apply with the silent e-tape™ dispenser.


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