Anyone for some Space Whisky?

Date: 1st June 2017

Anyone for some Space Whisky? blog post

 Kwikpac would like to thank all of you for following and supporting our Space Project! -

For those of you that missed it, we sent our very own brand of Taurex Tonic Whisky inside a purpose built foam rocket into space! Protected by our Bondmarked protective packaging products the rocket was lifted into near space by an ever expanding weather balloon.

As a result our payload of Whisky successfully reached a height of 34,919 metres! That's over 20 miles high! We'll be releasing the full flight footage in the coming week, in the mean time, please enjoy the pictures below.

Kwikpac in Space!

 You'll also be pleased to hear our Whisky did survive the trip thanks to our superior packaging protection. You can see the brands and products we used on the trip in the image below.

To ensure your packages are properly protecting during transport, ensure you use Kwikpac's Package Protection Products - They're now Space Tested!

We'd also like to thank Dan and his team at SendintoSpace. Without them, none of this would have been possible.


Protecting your packages up to 20 miles high with Kwikpac.

 The image above was taken just before our balloon burst and drifted back down to earth. You can see some slight condensation (expected at -65 degC!) but the Whisky and the payload all returned down to the earth un-harmed and in perfect condition.

Now what to do with this Unique Space Whisky now?

Should we Drink It, or Sell It?

Rocket Setup

Protective Brands

Below are the protective brands and packaging we used in our Space Project:

TuffBuckle - Buckles available in 13-32mm sizes specifically for TuffStrap

TuffStrap - Corded, Composite or Cross-Woven Strapping

Maxkraft - Kraft paper that provides a moisture & waterproof barrier

Provex - Re-usable foam edge protection. Comes in U, L & O shapes & lots of sizes

Ecorap - Flexible, lightweight, corrugated paper for interleaving products

AirSafe - Protective air-filled bubbles in varying sheet and bubble sizes

Biofil - Environmentally friendly equivalent to polystyrene loosefill

Procell - Soft & strong white foam cushioning, available in many sizes


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