A Life in Tension

Date: 6th February 2017

A Life in Tension blog post

Today we're looking at our new and improved range of tensioners for both Tenso and Tuffstraps, and also tensioners for our range of Taurex Steel Strapping.

Tensioners aren't the only tools to be used when working with strapping. These tensioners need to be used in conjunction with a sealer tool and seal. Or use a combination tool instead to tension and seal at the same time without the use of a separate tool. We'll cover these in a later blog post.

Firstly, lets look at the Tensioners used with our own brand of TuffStrap. These tensioners can be used on all of our TuffStrap range; corded, composite or cross-woven. All you need to pay close attention to is the width of the strap each tensioner uses.

TuffStrap Tensioners

Now we look at the two most popular tensioners for the Tenso or Poly-Propylene strapping.

Tenso Tensioners

Lastly, we look at our 4 main Tensioners when working with Taurex Steel.

Taurex Tensioners

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