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Whether you are moving house, starting a new DIY project, or sealing items for transport or storage, our wide range of tapes can provide a solution that sticks! 

Pair each of our tapes with a dispenser for optimum results and upgrade to an automatic machine to improve productivity and ensure a perfectly secured box every time. Add a personal touch to each delivery with a bespoke tape from our custom range (available as vinyl, low-noise, or polypropylene) for a cost-effective advertising solution which ensures your branding stands out during every stage of the delivery process.


For light-duty or everyday packaging needs:

Choose from our range of Denva™ tape (available in clear or buff/brown), e-Tape™ Plus (available in clear or buff/brown), maxtape™ Masking Tape, or eco-friendly paper tape

Our Denva™ polypropylene tape is manufactured using strong acrylic adhesion, making it a popular choice in fast-paced environments, which is why it’s also available as a machine tape. Alternatively, if you predominantly work with hand-held tape dispensers, our e-tape™ range has 127% more tape than standard 66m rolls, making it highly economical (ensure you accompany this range with its own e-tape™ dispenser which can accommodate its size)! If you require a tape which has a write-on surface, we recommend our branded maxtape™ masking tape which is highly versatile and can stick to most paper, metal, or plastic surfaces. This tape is part of our environmentally-conscious range as it’s 100% recyclable, and we also offer 100% biodegradable paper packaging tape which is made using recycled materials.  


For medium-duty packaging needs:

This selection includes our Denva™ Low Noise Tape and our 100% biodegradable gummed paper tape. If you require extra hold, our strong double-sided tape is suitable for a range of applications and can be used for bonding plastic, metal, paper, wood, or glass, and is also UV-resistant. All of our tapes come with suitable dispensers and our gummed tape has an option of two: lever-operated or standard benchtop


For heavy-duty packaging needs:

For unbeatable strength and a firm hold, we recommend our range of heavy-duty tapes. From box tape, to machine tapes, to waterproof cloth (duct) tape, we will have an industrial heavy-duty option for your packaging needs. We even offer tapes suitable for deep-freeze conditions and tapes which can withstand high temperatures of up to 110°C. For extra strength in ambient conditions, switch to our v-pro™ heavy-duty vinyl tape, or our tear-resistant fibre-glass reinforced filament tapes, available as mono-weave or cross-weave


For labelling and colour-coding:

We carry warning tapes with a range of standard phrases, including “QC rejected”, “quarantined”, “handle with care”, and “security sealed” (available as Denva™ or e-tape™ branded). Alongside this, we have a range of solid single-colour tapes or multi-colour tapes for aisle marking or easier identification of tools or machinery. 


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